Front-running of Mutual Fund Fire-sales (2013), Journal of Banking and
, 37(12), 4931-4942 (with Marno Verbeek)


Working Papers:

Better Kept in the Dark? Portfolio Disclosure and Agency Problems in Mutual Funds (with Jarrad Harford and Buhui Qiu)

The Trading Performance of Active Mutual Funds. (with Hao Jiang and
Marno Verbeek)


Can Mutual Fund Investors Infer Managerial Skill? (with Marno Verbeek)

Institutional Ownership and Future Stock Returns: An International Perspective (with
Evert Wipplinger)


Work in Progress:

Investor Protection and Mutual Fund Performance and Flows: Evidence
from the Introduction of MIFID. (with Gerrald Abdesaken)






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